December 28, 2011

Plunderphonic - John Oswald [1989]

Plunderphonics: making new music out of previously existing recordings. Beatles, Jackson, Beefheart, Presley, Stravinsky.. no one's safe from this bad boy.

A plunderphone is a recognisable sonic quote, using the actual sound of something familiar which has already been recorded. Whistling a bar of "Density 21.5" is a traditional musical quote. Taking Madonna singing "Like a Virgin" and rerecording it backwards or slower is plunderphonics, as long as you can reasonably recognise the source. The plundering has to be blatant though. There's a lot of samplepocketing, parroting, plagiarism and tune thievery going on these days which is not what we're doing.
 - John Oswald

Extraordinary re-framing n re-folding. Speciality stock in trade: breathing soul, quiet excitement and occasional heartbreak into the overly familiar / schmaltzy. 

Oddi wrth y brawd

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