April 20, 2012

Sleep Has His House - Current 93 [2000] Re-Dug

"Have pity for the dead/Sleep has his house…" 

Moving title track – centrepiece at 24 minutes – measures out a repetitive, tender drone; a liturgical contemplation on the consolation of death and sacrifice. Medievalist in manner of the 14th century Pearl poet, Tibet conjures a hallucinatory landscape: sparkling and symbolic. 

Haunted, otherworldly, and more obviously personal than anything David Tibet created with the PTV-Nurse With Wound axis. Tibet’s harmonium roots half-sung, half-chanted poetry in entreaty for compassion.

 Oddi wrth y brawd


Y Brawd said...

Jeffery said...

I am not a Current 93 fan, but this is one of my favorite albums in my collection. I came
It across it quite accidentally and fell in love.