September 19, 2011

Jana Hunter / Devendra Banhart [2005]

One of Devendra Banhart's more endearing gestures, tireless boosting of talent old and new. This vinyl-only split LP a case in point: five from DB and five from Hunter. Banhart's contributions a welcome Nino Rojo. They be warmer, humaner and less waywardly florid. Jana's side o't'coin all homegrown lo-fi grainy overdubbed vocals, guitar and handclaps. Both of a piece: rich and welcoming.


1. Black Haven
2. A Bright-Ass Light
3. Crystal Lariat
4. That Dragon Is My Husband
5. Laughing & Crying
6. At The Hop
7. In Golden Empress Hands
8. We All Know
9. The Good Red Road
10. Little Monkey / Step In The Name Of Love

Oddi wrth y brawd

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