September 02, 2011

A Tribute to Jack Johnson - Miles Davis [1970]

If not quite fulfilling his boast about delivering "the greatest rock band you ever heard," Miles certainly got to exorcise his Hendrix hard on with driving, hard-edged panache. Same modus operandi as established on ground breaking In A Silent Way i.e. assemble top notch muso-acolytes - Messrs McLaughlin, Hancock, Corea, Cobham, Henderson and Grossman - conduct / freak them into extemporised mathematical riffing, jam all over it like a brassy-eyed jammy daemon, and then cut, paste n reassemble as studio composition with uber-mucker Teo Macero.  

Two mega cuts.First track the ice-cool killer. McLaughlin shaking some serious funk rock booty n showing exactly what he's capable of outside prissy pyrotechnic Mahavishnu confines. Hancock's brutal organ from around 16:00mins: world shifts on its axis...   

Oddi wrth y brawd
our friend electric

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