November 27, 2011

Hungry Krauts, Daddy! German Psychedelic Underground Vol. II - Various

01 Old Lumber - Water sprite

02 Staff Carpenborg - Corona - The every days way down to the suburbs
03 Hide & Seek - Crying child
04 Sound Machine - Woman
05 Lepra - Sesam, sesam
06 Coram Publico - Bodensee
07 Doldinger's Motherhood - Negrito
08 Gash - In the sea
09 Gottfried Von Hüngsberg - Die Insel
10 Caleidoscope Inc. - Kind of sadness
11 Thanes - Beginning word
12 Giants - Broken earth
13 Those - Orion 2000
14 Bokaj Retsiem - I' m so afraid
15 Golgotha - Dies Irae
16 MG Improvisation - Improvisation Nr. 2
17 Club 13 - Elegy on the death of a late famous general
18 John Bassman Group - His name was Tom
19 Tuning fork - I'm a dreamer
20 Inner Space - Agilok & Blubbo

Oddi wrth y brawd
kosmiche schnitzel


apf said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see my old works popping up on the net every once in a while. I compiled these compilations in the mid-90s, released in 500 copies each. 4 volumes have been made and sold out immediately back then. But I've compiled 3 more cds, which didn't make it to the shops. These are posted for the pleasure of collectors of rare Kraut-singles, and can be downloaded on: Titles are: "Kraut Mask Replica", "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Kraut" and "Get Off Of My Kraut". And, before you ask: it's alright for me that you post these cds on your blog. We never made money with that stuff, actually the opposite, and that was the reason why we decided to upload the follow-ups directly on our blog. It's easier for us, and cheaper and easier for the customer. Spread the word. Yours, the Lolly Pope.

Y Brawd said...

aint internet grand? cheers LP.

Anonymous said...

ein mein gott mediafire iss crashing und burning in rank mediaflames alongside colleague rabidshame