November 04, 2011

North Sea Radio Orchestra - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone Session [2009]

Keeping it wonky...

1. Ivor The Engine Theme & Variations
2. Uncle Feedle (from the children's TV series 'Bagpuss')
3. Phantom

... they like to play in churches. NSRO

Oddi wrth y brawd


Sage said...

Easily the best thing I discovered in 2011 - thanks

Have you heard their reworking of Pink Floyd's Vera / Bring The Boys Back Home? It's rather good.

Happy New Year


Y Brawd said...

Sounds tasty.Can you link us up?

Sage said...

My IT skills are a bit limited and to make matters worse I am attempting this from my PC at work (watching out for the boss!)

The track was on The Wall reimagined CD's given away with Mojo a few months back.

You will probably be better off just whacking a search into google.