February 03, 2012

Lucifer Rising OST - Bobby Beausoleil [1980]

Serpentine back story:

Early 60s, Bobby grooving with psychedelic chamber group The Orkustra;  creepy filmmaker Kenneth Anger is impressed, asks the young musician to play title role in upcoming potboiler Lucifer Rising. Beausoleil agrees, provided he scores the music; The Orkustra piss off, hello The Magick Powerhouse of Oz. Beausoleil and Anger fall out, latter de-camps around UK, while Beausoleil hooks up with charismatic fellow named Charles Manson; murder of double-crossing drug dealer and Beausoleil lifetime sojourn in maximum security ensue.

Meanwhile.....Anger commissions Jimmy Page to score partially shot Lucifer Rising. Page produces but a trickle; project goes nowhere. Back in California, Beausoleil forms prison band, sends demos to Anger who is impressed enough (again)  to give Page his marching orders and re-commission Beausoleil to score Lucifer Rising. With the nod from obliging prison warden, Beausoleil builds scratch recording studio within prison walls and slowly over next few years records sound track with help from fellow inmate musicians dubbed The Freedom Orchestra.


Disc the first
Sound track proper. As through a kosmische melange, darkly. Shadowy orchestral realm of electronic psych-rock exploration. Stygian Popol Vuh. Stew of DIY synth and homemade effect units recorded guerilla style. Inspiring. This needs to be heard.

Disc the second
Vintage Orkustra and Magick Powerhouse efforts plus early Freedom Orchestra demo. Intriguing.

Oddi wrth y brawd
morning star
son of dawn

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