February 08, 2012

Wavering, not drowning

WB followers and fellow travellers, what lovely folks you are....

2 years and 500+ posts have been lost...yup, burned down wholesale by MF - it's official - and these will not be re-upped....

Howevers, Y brawd dabbles with notion of carrying on, year zero stylee. 

Any advice out there? Rapidshare's incessant nagging to upgrade....what else out there? Thoughts?

(Whatever, would advise all MF bloggers employ guerilla circumspection re. file visibility and folder naming conventions.)

Watch this space a little longer....

Oddi wrth
Y brawd


Holly said...

I really, really like Hulkshare.

RS is best of the old guard, though can be WILDLY irritating & waits can be extreme at peak times.

Freakshare *not* recommended.

Anonymous said...

Bayfiles perhaps?

gilhodges said...

What Holly said. So GLAD to hear you're still up for it!

wireless darkness said...

i have a personal mediafire channel and have yet to see any of my own files "go down". I do create and upload mixtapes to the website so it doesnt conflict with any "full lengths" or "copyrights" out there. watch whatcha name things and try to use only consonants and shit.

but, im glad to see you smiling in the face of the apocalypse. maybe my previous comment did it to ya.

holst said...

Just want to say that you're fucking heroic. And have turned me on to tons of great great stuff over the years. So, um, thanks.

Onward; upward.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1 from yesterday here... I found your blog yesterday while looking up some obscure music. It is possible that the saboteur found it the same way. If you think it is a good idea, here's how to remove your blog from search results:

During the "music blog wars" a few years ago, and Sharebee seemed to be effective defenses. Others started uploading small text files to one file sharing service, containing links to the actual location of the payload file at another. We also used password protected RAR files, made so the files inside the archives would not be visible without the password.

This was done more as a means of identifying the original uploader by forum or blog name, than to prevent vandalism, but it did make it a lot harder for malicious parties to check the contents.

All of these solutions multiply the amount of work it takes for your saboteur to do damage. But ultimately it seems likely that we will eventually have to move to darknets.

TOR users can access "onion" sites that are immune to takedown because nobody can determine where they are. At present it takes a lot of work to set this up and the best results you can get will be slow and unreliable at best, but hopefully this network will improve with time and more users.

The i2p network is another darknet, anonymized and completely isolated from the public interwebs. So far the "killer app" in i2p space is very slow, but reliable and utterly secure torrents. The i2p router package that connects users to this darknet comes with a simple webserver, and a torrent client that makes uploading and downloading easy.

We might all want to look into these options and play with them now, in case of future need. But right now a little added obscurity and obfuscation will enable you to pick up where you left off with a decent chance of success.

Anonymous said...

your blog offers wonderful music so go on!!!
anyway thanks for the 4 wonderful compilations
of kraut rock you posted few months ago!

Mr. Primate said...

That's the spirit ;)

M said...

Don't fail us now, hommie. Just happened across your site recently, and luckily managed to nab a few before you went down. Keep us in the know.

helen said...

This looks promising: