June 10, 2012

3. An Empty Bliss Beyond This World - The Caretaker [2011]

Meditation on memory and decay. Retrospection, amnesia, repetition, regression. Alzheimer’s unmasked: prefrontal cortex last stand. Atrophy, slow attrition of songs recalled from distant past. Stripping away phonographic fidelity by gradations, James Leyland Kirby mirrors the peeling back of memory; re-construing time-locked, haunted loops. 

Moments of Sufficient LucidityCamaraderie at Arm's LengthLibet's Delay. Kirby's genius is to make decay tangible and the elusive manifest: Bedded Deep in Long Term MemoryI Feel as if I might be VanishingThe Sublime is Disappointingly Elusive.

The ticking of history's metaphysical clock made audible.

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Thought I'd pop back and check if I had missed any gems, saw this and am hoping it's as good as the other Hauntology stuff you posted.

Hope that you are well.