June 06, 2012

7. A New World Record - Electric Light Orchestra [1976]

Perennial bone of contention being, of course, Jeff's patented production technique. To many, a one trick load of old pony: close microphone snare; far microphone  snare; compress far  microphone  2:1 and fold into close snare track, using cheeky 1/10 second tape delay in-between; REPEAT ON EVERY F**KING SONG FROM 1974 ONWARDS.

Yes, there is something like a worldwide consensus on taking Lynne out to the street and shooting him like a mangy English sheep dog...and yet, and yet...

A New World Record:

Tightrope  - Lennon stomp glitter dust up,
Telephone Line  - thumbs aloft melody trumps 70s Macca, at every turn,
So Fine - whoo whoo,
Living Thing  - a little bit George, a little bit bloody brilliant,
Do Ya  - sound of 80s rock being invented: a good thing...believe.
Rockaria - deeply, irredeemably shit 

Higher and higher baby.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Y Brawd said...

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again , you will be sorely missed. I didn't see this one coming and am fascinated by the prospects of the last six. How do you feel about saying goodbye?
Nos da.
David ( I don't know how to be anything other than anonymous!)

Y Brawd said...

Back at you David...cheers. (You can unanonymise by Following...the clock be ticking...)


emailsyucky said...

thank you