April 27, 2010

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Original Television Soundtrack) - Robert Mellin and Gian-Piero Reverberi

À la recherche du temps perdu my arse. 23 secs, opening titles, crash of surf and a sunny morning, summer holidays mid-70s…and Robinson’s monochrome adventures.

My desert island luxury; your pleasure.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what i was looking for,
thank you

Y Brawd said...

You're most welcome.

More leftfield / guilty pleasure surprises in the pipeline, so pls consider becoming a Follower to receive alerts.


Count Istvan said...

Many thanks for this! I had the CD but after extensive searching have concluded that it has been swallowed by a small black hole in my music room. I have to get some sleep now, but I'll be back... Thanks again!

Clint's archive said...

Great memories, thanks for posting.

The Countess said...

For me, memories are most easily triggered by music. Looking forward to what floats to the surface while listening to this! Thanks for this one!

Y Brawd said...

Count, Clint and Countess. Enjoy the rush. Come back anytime. Become a Follower for rgeular alerts?