April 27, 2010

Musiques de Films 1959-1990 - le cinema de Serge Gainsbourg

Decades before the relaxation of cross border genre rules – still to disappear entirely - Serge strolled with protean disregard through chanson, lounge jazz, world music (sic), ye-ye, pop psych, rock, reggae, disco et caetera.... Profligacy did him no favours outside France. Fearlessness and a shrug of the shoulders to Anglo-US misconceived authenticity interpreted as dilettante and cheesy.

Be under no illusion. Serge Gainsbourg was a genius and not to be taken lightly. Actor, writer, director, producer, performer, smoker and drinker. 20th century composer and lyricist nonpareil. An accomplished artist who gave up painting because he knew he would never equal Picasso or his scatological comrade in arms, Dali. He considered writing songs a trifling art form in comparison.

The high watermark must-have is Histoire de Melody Nelson. Go buy it. The box set of music for films you have here holds a mirror to his promiscuity, and for those already familiar with Serge, offers up some quirky gems to boot.

Bon temps!

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