April 29, 2010

Sleep Has His House - Current 93

"Have pity for the dead/Sleep has his house…"

The moving title track – centrepiece at 24 minutes in length – measures a repetitive, tender drone; a liturgical contemplation on the consolation of death and sacrifice. Medieval in the manner of the 14th century Pearl poet, conjuring a hallucinatory landscape ripe with symbolism.

Haunted, otherworldly, and more obviously personal than anything David Tibet created with the PTV-Nurse With Wound axis. Tibet’s harmonium roots his half-sung, half-chanted poetry. An overwhelming entreaty for compassion.

Oddi wrth y brawd


David Elliott said...

Hmmm, I really must revisit C93. I only have their first few albums, all rather grim early/mid 80s fayre, but obviously there's so much more to them.

Y Brawd said...

Do take another look. Recommend: Black Ships Ate the Sky; All the pretty horses

Anonymous said...

Err, password please?

Y Brawd said...

PW = weirdbrother

Anonymous said...

Hmm, thank you for posting this, but your password is not being recognised.

Anonymous said...

Oh nevermind. An additional space (beyond the password string) must have accidentally been copied. So the trouble was indeed on my end! Fixed now :)

Edu said...

Un disco excelente, dios mío. Le escucho mucho todavía. Aqui dejo un link a un artículo interesante: Currente 93: Sleep Has His House (2006)


Y Brawd said...

El hermano dice: Gracias por el artículo. Siga visitando.