November 25, 2010

A House Safe For Tigers - Lee Hazlewood [1975]

Late period gem from the late brother Lee and soundtrack to one of many television movies Hazlewood made as a semi-recluse in 70s Sweden. Directed by  friend Torbjörn Axelman, A House Safe for Tigers is accompanied by strong material in classic Hazlewood vein. Could be viewed as the mirror image of 1973's sublime Poet, Fool or Bum: swapping the latter's experiences touring the Las Vegas circuit for a laid back Swedish idyll. Some lovely orchestration to boot.

("May your house be safe from tigers" is part of a Buddhist prayer which asks that blessings and peace be on your house. Though there is also talk of  peculiar Swedish folklore wherein everyday life is kept safe from "tigers"  - problems, misfortune -  by throwing flowers around the house. Hmm...)

Oddi wrth y brawd
absent friends

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