November 04, 2010

The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order - Master Musicians of Bukkake [2004]

There is method in the ribald madness of the moniker. For herein find a winning amalgam of magickal Riff Mountain riffing and esoteric Far Eastern ritual practice. Chanting, weird percussion, keening females acting up in a series of mostly short impenetrable psychodramas. Ye olde Tenjo Sajiki / J. A. Caesar troupe on collective bad trip.

Two longer black psych standouts are Access of Evil - summoning the spirit of Jajouka in massed drums and insistent call and response, invoking who knows what – and Circular and Made of Earth – bringing closure with eastern drone, Karakoram blues guitar and Mongolian throat-signing against a soothing backwash of waves.

A ceremonial trip.

[If any innocents out there are puzzled by band's name, then just don't for the love of god  search on "bukkake"]

Oddi wrth y brawd


Anonymous said...

Actually, even if you do know what bukkake is (eww ...), it remains unclear how there could be "master musicians" of same, or what exactly that would entail. Not like I really want to know though.

Y Brawd said...

point taken (eww...). Though The whole moniker is a play on Master Musicians of Jajouka: Morroccan folk troupe (famously recroded by Brian Jones). See earlier post

Anonymous said...

That's right, I forgot about the MMoJ. (Still.)

David Elliott said...

Fabulous photo.