November 27, 2010

Time Machines - Coil [1998]

Farewell Uncle Sleazy.
You have gone upstairs, dozed on the ultimate narcotic,
Passed over the threshold and among the boys choir
Beyond a city ov angels.

Y Brawd, like the late Sleazy, is a resident of Krung Thep, though moving in very different circles:

"The small army of Thai lads who I keep around the house, just to look pretty or handsome or to pander to my every whim, no matter how outlandish or perverted, or whatever, always think it's hysterical when I start blubbing watching Lord of the Rings, or Peter Pan, or some even wetter film I would be too embarrassed to mention!"

With our paths now certain not to cross, Y Brawd turns to the music, specifically and perhaps most appositely to Time Machines: an attempt to dissolve time by the application of pure tone pulse and drone as aural simulacra of the psychophenomenological properties of hallucinogenic drugs.

"To me any kind of psychedelic can be a really amazing way of opening a door and showing views that you’ve never seen before, but once you’ve had a really good look, I don’t think that you need to continue seeing if it's still there by opening the door again. It’s not a necessity for your life.

[Time Machines intended] to recreate or give an impression of the experience that one had on different types of drugs. Time Machines had five tracks on it that were all drones, interesting ones that actually make you feel different if you played them loud and in a really good way. I think it was the purest drone piece that I’ve ever heard, actually, and to me paved the way for Earth and all those bands.

The titles were all taken from the [Alexander] Shulgin books and pretty much all of them were drugs that we had taken at one time or other. We had connections with the whole American Chemical Underground at the time so we would get these weird little bags of experimental things that never became as popular or famous as, say, MDMA. These were coming from proper white-haired old chemists who really knew their stuff."
Sleazy 2009
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson 1955 - 2010

Oddi wrth y brawd


j said...

RIP Sleazy. These two blokes (sometimes more) changed my life probably more than any other, and this is probably my favorite by them. The monad on the cover was my first tattoo, and it was also what introduced me to drone music. Sleazy and balance truly made this world a stranger place.

Y Brawd said...

Rave on Sleazy & Jhon

Y Brawd said...

Good obit here:

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Hadn't heard about Sleazy's passing which just goes to show how far up Planet Pasta I've been of late. Must dig out some of the old stuff...soon

Y Brawd said...

Gone too long PVY! Welcome back.

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