March 24, 2012

The Haunted - The Haunted [1967]

Superior garage folderol from Montreal's finest. Tearing narrow blues/psych/rnb furrows in their backyard n coming up smiling, mixing thumping originals n chirpy covers. Some standards go awry: a heroically windy version of Jagger-Richards' Out Of Time, plus Frenched up Hendrix adrift dans le Vapeur Mauve. 60s outfits of herein stripe usually bequeath a bijou sonic estate - a handful of stone cold classics best corralled within Nuggets-style compilations. Not so The Haunted, who strut n stomp from start to finish.

Maintenant, pardon tandis que j'embrasse le ciel.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Y Brawd said...

Holly said...

SOO good. Thanks for reminding me!

alonzo zavala said...

thanks this is tops

ArnoldPaole said...

Been Lokking For This A Long Time...Thanks For The Great Blog!!!