September 08, 2010

The Chambers Brothers' Greatest Hits - The Chambers Brothers

Psychedelicised soul. The mighty Time Has Come Today, and, to these ears at least, their gospel roots making for the definitive version of People Get Ready.  The Bros pioneering blend of incendiary funk, gospel, soul, and psych-rock was inevitably overshadowed by Sly & the Family Stone. Get ready, the time has come.

Oddi wrth y brawd
are you ready?


Some Awe said...

Have just come across your site and been exploring its amazing 'folk' focus but also breadth and insights. A genuine education. Loving the narratives. Thank you for the shares.

This post reminded me of how much I love The Chambers Brothers 'The Time Has Come' album. This obviously has the track 'Time Has Come Today', an influential psychedelic number, certainly for me. I agree about the gospel roots and influences and want to mention the wonderful self-penned 'So Tired' which isn't on the compilation here but on 'TTHC' album.

Have enjoyed being made ready again!

Y Brawd said...

Cheers SA. the occasional comment such as yours makes it all worthwhile.

See you around.