September 26, 2010

Soul Mining - The The

Risible review at does nothing to unpack the wonder of this stunning debut:

"On The The's first album, Matt Johnson crafted a pleasant but unengaging set of dance-pop just barely hinting at the experimentalism he would develop on later records like Infected and Mind Bomb."

Those who have ears, let them listen.

Oddi wrth y brawd
for harkers


David Elliott said...

Actually, his debut (as Matt Johnson), was "Burning Blue Soul", which was good enough, but "Soul Mining" is fabulous and kind of the end of an era... that post-new wave scene where any musical direction seemed permissable and possible. Read Simon Reynolds' "Rip It Up" to be once again inspired.

Anonymous said...

Once again Y Brawd is on the money. Soul Mining is a fab record I still groove to today. Keep it weird, Bro.

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