September 29, 2010

London Zoo - The Bug

Here we have 2008's applauded London Zoo, wherein raucous dubstep, deranged digi-dub and truculent techno from The Bug, aka Kevin Martin.

Massive production, angry BPM, tectonic shifting bass and a gallery of wisely chosen guests. No weak links, instead, a colourful menagerie of top-level toasters.

1. Angry - Tippa Irie, Kevin Martin 
2. Murder We -  Ricky Ranking, Martin 
3. Skeng -  Killa P, Flow Dan, Martin 
4. Too Much Pain - Ricky Ranking, Martin
5. Insane -  Warrior Queen, Martin 
6. Jah War -  Flow Dan, Martin 
7. Fuckaz -  Spaceape, Martin 
8. You & Me -  Roger Robinson, Martin 
9. Freak Freak -  Martin 
10. Warning -  Flow Dan, Martin 
11. Poison Dart -  Warrior Queen, Martin 
12. Judgement - Ricky Ranking, Martin

The Bug is infectious. Raging and ferocious.
Oddi wrth y brawd


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

And there's me thinking I was in a minority of one in liking this, although admittedly I have to be in the right mood otherwise it can be hard going (same with "Untrue" by Burial). I think he's working on a follow-up.

Welsh Connexion said...

Ricky Ranking - not a favourite of Jonathon Ross

Y Brawd said...

au contraire. wossy is famed for his collection of jazz mags. (He also keeps a pet sheep)

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

He never got to work for the Top Rank organisation though.

Saw his (Wossy's, not Ricky's) car speeding by in the opposite direction when holidaying in the Isle of Purbeck last week.