April 13, 2011

Intoxicated Man - Mick Harvey [1995]

Nick Cave's perennial right-hand voice of reason before side-lining in favour of assorted hairies in pursuit of swampy middle-aged mojo, Mick Harvey pulls a blinder on this the first of two Serge cover albums. Faithful, borderline pedestrian elevated by huge affection for source material. Way ahead of curve in terms of Sergiste interest outside France. English lyrics wisely eschew Serge's pyrotechnic wordplay and render bread and butter translation with just the right soupcon of Gallic sleazery. Quite a boon for the Francophiliac illiterate. Rollicking guitar, rolling rhythm and, ahem, persistent organ work their magic.

Also starring Anita Lane.

Oddi wrth y brawd
friend called harvey


Anonymous said...

yr prob verry kewl butt i just spent hopurs tracing infos and pics to your posts. upping without any acc. materials is almost as valuable as giving a link to spotify. thanks anyhow

Y Brawd said...

Cheers. WB is here to spread the musical love and to air the occasional biased opinion not as a research archive of reliable worth. Seriously, why spend hours tracing info & pics?