April 07, 2011

World Library of Folk and Primitive Music Volume 7: India - Various

Diverse array of 1950s field recordings.  Instruments viz. double-reed sahnai or musette, end-blown bamboo flute tippera, Indian harmonium, sruti peti or hand-pumped reed drone, various members the lute clan - dotar, vina, ekatara, sarangi, tambura - not forgetting svaramandala or 40-stringed trapezoidal zither. Many performances feature human voice: Ahir cowherds, mystic wandering minstrels the Bauls, and aboriginal Gonds. Songs: ecstatic Muslim qawwali in Urdu, songs to Krishna Lover and Hero, and Hindi bhajan describing Shiva sipping hashish beverage while embracing white goddess Gauri. Heady stuff.

Oddi wrth y brawd
xamol nala

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