April 17, 2011

Musical Pumpkin Cottage - David Tibet and Steven Stapleton [1996]

Steven Stapleton, NWW, David Tibet, Current 93 get it on. Two extended experimental numbers. Good. Tibet credited with hallucinatory patripassianist vocals.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Current 93 are meant to be performing at Ray Davies curated Meltdown at London's South Bank on 19/6/11. Also promised is a weekend daqte in June/July, also in London, when they will perform "Thunder Perfect Mind" to coincide with the publication of Tibet's "Sing Omega" lyric book.

I recall Y Brawd was somewhat dis-chuffed at having missed their Forum shows last May, which I now regret blowing out the same gigs on the basis of not wishing to push my with one more weekend pass in what was a month of plenty (ok, make that excess)...

Y Brawd said...

goes to show what a strange and interesting bloke Ray Davies is.