June 11, 2011

...And Then We Saw Land - Tunng [2010]

Less founding member and chief song-writer Sam Genders; less weird. Not necessarily a bad thing. ...And Then We Saw Land renews Tunng's acquaintance with electronic experimentation wrapped ever so neatly within a warped take on pastoral folk. Goodbye willful eccentricity, hello quirky pop melody mainstream. Tasteful. Tasty. 

Oddi wrth y brawd


Anonymous said...

Good band, saw them a while ago. Though this album isn't bad I do think other albums by them are much, much better...
Check out:-
'Good Arrows',
'Mother's Daughter and other songs'
'Comments of the Inner Chorus'
They are a great mix of experimental/folk or 'Folktronica'
Anyhow,it's nice to see some Tunng on here...

Y Brawd said...

agree. Good Arrows superior.