June 27, 2011

S. F. Sorrow - The Pretty things [1968]

Cradle to grave saga draws curious line from Barrett Floyd, early solo Eno, and on to first flush Blur. A la mode arrangements notwithstanding - organ/mellotron; harpsichord; gliding bass; backwards tapes; sitar everywhichway - sounds fresh and vital. Wildly under appreciated.  

2003 digi-pak reissue: includes 4 bonus tracks.

Oddi wrth y brawd
pounds shillings pence


jago said...

W. Bro, Thanks for the enlightenment, across the web you have beatiful place filled with strange gems of music and reviews. Dont stop this.
Thanks and Cheers from the south of the Big Rock. :)

Y Brawd said...

hey, tks jago. where be south of big rock?