June 10, 2011

Work And Non Work - Broadcast [1997]

If, like y brawd, you feel the idea of Stereolab is always better than the execution, then prepare to have your world changed for the better. This early singles mini-LP compilation - intimations of more sophisticated retro-future stylings to come - is an absolute delight. Electro-filmic vignettes pushing all the right buttons. With the grandeur of masterpiece The Noise Made By People just around the corner, here are Broadcast stretching out well ahead of the hauntological curve, digging through yesteryear visions of future nostalgia and coming up top trumps.

Check earlier WB post Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age for best psych album 2009.

Also, proper job Karl Taul for amateur vid for the Book Lovers:

Trish Keenan RIP

Oddi wrth y brawd
l'amoureux des livres


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Nice post. RIP Trish Keenan who died of complications after contracting pneumonia earlier this year aged but 42. A pleasure to see Broadcast performing at ATP in May of last year in which the rightly Brawd-endorsed "Witch Cults" material had a good airing

wireless darkness said...

when i was younger i was given shit for liking stereolab. it was never me thinking they were the greatest band, i just fell in love with everything about the atmosphere. and then i heard "stereolab = hawkwind for girls" and tried to adopt your style and totally hate them, but couldn't. peng is still just too real. otherwise, thank you, i have such a fascination with some of your posts and style.

wireless darkness said...

god this band opened up to me. this is what stereolab should have done at emperor tomato. endless thank yous for tapping into my inner light for a moment.