June 08, 2011

La Planète Sauvage - Alain Goraguer [1973]

Erstwhile Gainsbourg sideman and arranger  - all Serge's work up until Gainsbourg Percussions -  stretches wings with chilled Vannier style rock meets orchestra syncopated jazzy funkathon. (Sampled to shreds by hip-hop brethren.)

French/Czech animated cult sci fi cult-classic directed by Rene Laloux. 

Oddi wrth y brawd


Jerry Orbach said...

You ever see his early shorts? Monkey dentist and whatnot. Serious fun. Lovely/dirty soundtrack to boot on this one.

Y Brawd said...

will look up his shorts...

melchisedek said...

i love that film, and the music is fantastic too!

Y Brawd said...

Ffeiriadwyr Melcisidec! Ffeiriadwyr Melcisidec!