October 09, 2011

Beyond the Wildwood - A Tribute to Syd Barrett [1987]

Syd Barrett Beyond the Wildwood

Assorted promenades through wood of error.

No Good Trying - The Mock Turtles, au contraire. Well worth the effort.
Octopus - Plasticland get lost n confused in the wood. Eyes wide closed.
Arnold Layne - Ss-20 know how to work an organ. Why can't you see?
Matilda Mother - Paul Roland proves that not everything shines. Leave hanging in the air.
Long Cold Look - Fit & Limo arrant paranoia rebooted as pop. Wavy sea guitar.
Long Gone - The Shamen really shouldna bothered. Dese are not good.
If the Sun Don't Shine [Jugband Blues adapted] - Opal, oh yes please. We care.
Baby Lemonade - The Ashes in the Morning come around, out of tune, so alone.
Wolfpack - The Lobster Quadrille commit aimless howling attack. Formless.
Golden Hair - The Paint Set do it by numbers.
No Man's Land - Tropicana Fishtank swim like fishes. See 'em be full crawl.
Apples and Oranges - The TV Personalities: barrow boy laddishness. Acquired taste.
Two of a Kind - Soup Dragons produce strangled clanger. One of a kind, thankfully.
Scream Thy Last Scream - Green Telescope attempt space rock jam. Nah.....
See Emily Play - Chemistry Set get cooking n try it another way. Go play.
Rats - What? Noise, yes noise. Quivering blancmange of embarrassment.
Gigolo Aunt - Death of Samantha get NY Dolls n D. Yule on Syd's ass. Jolly.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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