October 24, 2011

Cinema: Raretés III - Serge Gainsbourg

Stealth collaborators Jean-Calude Vannier and Michel Colombier. Rare selections from Serge's huge cinema work. Dials down kooky n throwaway in favour of grand gesture, funky groove and big big arrangements. Later tracks have the sordid attraction of crepuscular male libido (cf. Emmanuelle On The Sea). Not that Y Brawd be au fait with suchlike.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Luigi Bastardo said...

The link is dead already.

Y Brawd said...


Greg Williamson said...

I'm afraid it's gone again. I loved the first two. Is there somewhere you can up it again?

Y Brawd said...

Sorry Greg, having been burned by my two staple providers - MF & MU - don't want to risk bringing down whole house of cards by re-upping once more.

Having said dat, happy to upload directly to your own file sharing account if you have one - just let me know.