October 10, 2011

Gasoline Alley - Rod Stewart [1970]

Lest we forget. Before abandoning the one true path for perma-spiked glitz n unsexy leopard spot trews, Rod produced untouchable folk rock n roll of first water with an unparalleled knack for reinterpreting songs of others. 

Assorted highlights: eponymous title track written by Stewart n Ronnie Wood - unbeatable; Only A Hobo candidate for top ten best Dylan covers of the ages; none more rollickin' It's All Over Now pisses indecorously over Stones' version; Elton John n Bernie Taupin's Country Comforts horse-drawn folky melancholy; improbably magnificent keening violin, massed acoustic guitars n biscuit tin lid pound of Kenneth Day Jones on Cut Across Shorty.

oddi wrth y brawd