December 17, 2011

E2-E4 - Manuel Göttsching [1984]

30 years ago this month Manuel Gottsching recorded a long - 59m20s - track called E2-E4. 

Pump's & Sounds' own David Elliott:
"I was living sur le continent at the time and, with my friend Wolfgang, met Manuel exactly a month before (in Cologne, playing a concert with Klaus Schulze) and exactly a month after (in Berlin, interviewing various musicians). We got wind of the track, but it didn't get released until two and a half years later in 1984 on Schulze's In Team label, split over two sides of vinyl. I gave it 5 stars in Sounds. It's a wonderful piece of music - racey sequencers, just two chords and some fine guitar - but it wasn't until 1989 that it became 'known', courtesy of the Italian Sueno Latino club remix".

Meant only as something to listen to on a flight to Hamburg, it's since been  compared to Eno, Reich et al and in The Wire as "in its own unassuming way, one of the most revolutionary and important albums ever made". 

You better believe it. Disco minimalist heaven. 

Oddi wrth y brawd
cabin doors to manuel


billyb said...

hey, just started following your blog. love this album!


Y Brawd said...

cheers biilyb. keep it mystical.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload. Thanks in advance for all your great work!!

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