December 18, 2011

Performance - OST [1970]


Featuring comical little geezer, bohemian atmosphere and performance that makes it all the way. Madness, nothing is true, everything is permitted. With a bullet.

Oddi wrth y brawd
And there were damsels and young girls there, who dallied with them to their hearts' content, so that they had what young men desire. Thus it was that when the old man decided to send one of his assassins upon a mission, such as to have a prince slain, he would send for one of these youths and say, 'Go thou and kill, and when thou returnest, my angels will bear thee into Paradise; and should'st thou die, nevertheless, I will send my angels to carry thee back into Paradise.


    roy rocket said...

    My mix is better:
    You got it! roy

    Y Brawd said...

    How right you are. Cheers for the tip off - link redirected.

    Jagged said...

    Three shots and a beer, over and over.

    Anonymous said...

    And even a"MEDIAFIRE"-Link that actually's NOT TOASTED?! Man; That "Download XXMb" almost give a nostalgic feel nowdays!