December 23, 2011

Mary Never Wanted Jesus - Genesis P-orridge & Thee Majesty [2005]

Art project Christmas the fourth.

Fluxus rooted artist John Armleder's Villa Magica label showcases Christmas record obsession: festive music conceptual, kitsch and literal. John invites invites Genesis  to contribute. Disarmingly charming.

01  Mary Never Wanted Jesus 
02  Have Mercy 
03  Dramaqueen (Mary) 
04  Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
05  I Like Thee Holidays 
06  Jesus Walked On Thee Water 
07  Rudolf Thee Red Nosed Reindeer 
08  Little Drummer Boy 

Oddi wrth y brawd


Holly said...

Thank you! Do you happen to have the cd version as well?

Y Brawd said...

'Fraid not Holly. snaffled this from the ether....

Anonymous said...


Any chance for a re-upload of the file ?

Thank you very much !