June 08, 2010

Dream Letter, Live in London 1968 - Tim Buckley

Top drawer snapshot of where he was at, at the time. Which was a better place than where he would be some 5 years later. Extras: painfully cool intro from audience dude.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Welsh Connexion said...

Isn't this the one that was released (very) posthumously in the 1990s? I haven't heard it in a long time but remember it as being outstanding. Despite his stature in the 60s/70s Tim Buckley has never really been inducted into the pantheon. Whilst mention of his celebrated son will always draw recognition references to Buckley senior often elicit a 'Tim who'? It's a funny old world.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Funny old world indeed, given that the father bested the son (whose only song I can bring to mind is a cover of an Elkie Brookes hit). The introduction referred to by Brawd was by Pete Drummond, ex-Radio 1 Disc Jock, who I last saw ripped to the gills at Glastonbury back in the days when they still bothered with stage/band announcements and PD was a fixture. File under "where are they now" (number 947 in the series).

Anyway, yes, this is very good. Haven't played it for at least 10 years and may have to dig it out and give it a spin. Good call!

Y Brawd said...

the pantheon...Elkie brooks...ripped to the gills...where would we be without comments like these? Keep 'em coming.

sluggo said...

wonderful...fred neil /tim buckley..does the song proud..nice and watery..
thanks ..muchas lotta

Y Brawd said...

Glad you like it.