June 21, 2010

Today / On Fire - Galaxie 500

And so 80s UK indie ploughed a hyperkinetic guitar furrow and told kitchen-sink stories of love lost and found. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic an altogether more interesting distillation of the VU legacy was taking place, and one best epitomised by the slow-motion guitar washes of Galaxie 500 whose blissed-out melancholia and elliptical narratives anticipated the shoe-gazing psych textures of the 90s. Galaxie 500 were one of those bands whose music – rather like Nick Drake's - has a deep emotional impact at the moment of listening while also managing to pass by almost unnoticed from one track to another.

An impressive if compact and overlooked body of work. Here's hoping a recently re-issued clutch of CDs will redress matters.

Oddi wrth y brawd
on fire


mats said...

just a thanks for your nice blog,I find myself reading about bands more than I DL.A good sign is it not ?

Y Brawd said...

'Tis. many thanks.

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