June 23, 2010

L'enfant Assassin des Mouches - Jean Claude Vannier

This is one of those records that you can’t believe whilst you’re listening to it; maybe someone spiked your drink? Or maybe you are actually dreaming, it doesn’t really exist? Haunted by the ghost of Gainsbourg this record is real, you really need it in your life – Jarvis Cocker

This kind of record could not be made today: who would pay for this brilliant suite of instrumental concrete madness? – Jim O’Rourke

Oddi wrth y brawd
like flies to wanton boys


David Elliott said...

OK, now this I really WILL listen to. Sold!

Y Brawd said...

Look forward to the report

Welsh Connexion said...

Disappointing - didn't read the post properly prior to downloading - thought it was Jean Claude Van Damme - wasted 20 minutes on this tosh waiting for some martial arts type kick-ass action to start