December 18, 2010

III - Espers [2009]

With III a backlash of sorts fell upon Philadelphia's own Espers: much wyrder than thou lamenting that Greg Weeks, Meg Baird and co. had - horror - moved on to more concise, melody-driven songs, emphasising songcraft over opium den mood and effect. Worse, was wanton besmirching of droned out layered mysticism with obnoxious distorted electric guitar leads and drums actually audible in the mix.

Well, let's hear it for psych prog directness, dive-bombing violins, flanged out guitars and heavy free folkery. Like Albion cousins Trembling Bells, Espers just get better and better.

Oddi wrth y brawd
that which darkly thrives


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Sheer class. All the Espers stuff is worth checking out (I have a particular soft spot for their covers album "The Weed Tree"). Meg Baird's album with Sharron Kraus and Helena Espvall entitled "Leaves Form Off The Tree" is also recommended.

icastico said...

For you:

Y Brawd said...

Cheers icastico - will check