December 20, 2010

Live at The Old Ash Tree, Kent 1972 - COB [Clive's Original Band]

Time entwines my very soul,
The tangled briar kills the tree
 - Music of the Ages, COB

Unutterably magical performance for the ages. Anachronistic creativity heightened by rough around the edges lo-fi recording. Mantric, hypnotic songs; harmonium drones and homemade "dulcitar". Ur-text for all things wyrd, and, somewhat ironically, more compelling than anything the Incredible String Band were producing at the time.

Mystic, timeless and absolutely essential listening.

Huge thanks to Pagan Dad for this one (undoubtedly the coolest horticulturalist in Devon).

Oddi wrth y brawd


wackystuff said...

Thanks for turning me on to this bunch of weirdos! I've always liked the Incredible String Band, but never heard of COB.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Not heard this one before. Look forward to doing so once my computer is back in action (am currently relegated to using the wife's iPhone)

Pagan Dad said...

You should certainly investigate their two studio (if a shed in Cornwall could be called a studio) records, Spirit of Love and Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers. Unforgettable listens if hippy, pagan wyrdness is your thing.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Yeah, moyshe is a treat!

vishangro said...

Re - Pagan dad's comments
'Spirit...' and 'Moyshe' were both recorded at Sound Techniques. Clive Palmer recorded several cassette only albums in Cornwall.This was after COB.
Before COB Clive had other bands and demo's were made in a caravan in a field.
Clive may be touring the UK next year.

Pagan Dad said...

I stand corrected, vishangro, and I am pleased to be set straight. Is the band you refer to The Famous Jug Band?

Pooberidoo said...

wow thanx a bunch. i love ISB and spirit of love so i am really looking forward to this one :D