December 09, 2010

Polyphonic Voices of Georgia - Anchiskhati Choir

The Anchiskhati Choir, based in Anchiskhati Basilica, is the world's leading exponent of Georgian polyphonic choral music. Polyphonic traditions in Georgia began before Christianity and were incorporated into church worship during the early Middle Ages, flourishing in the mountain monasteries. The Choir has researched age-old celebrations to Easter, Christmas and Harvest festivals and has recorded them with a "glorious exuberance and spirituality".
Warning: rumour has it that God binned his collection of Fall albums (He has the lot) when He heard this, and now listens to nothing else.

Oddi wrth y brawd
the angels in heaven



j said...

well i, for one, have room in my life for georgian sacred music AND mark e smith. Waiting for the collaboration...

Y Brawd said...

Would love to see it.

In fact, check the vid. Mark E. could play that fellah in middle who does bugger all but sit there with a sardonic sneer on his face. Made for the role.