December 08, 2010

On The Way To A Little Way [Soundtrack of Herzog's Nosferatu] - Popol Vuh [1978]

Not exactly a soundtrack but equally a stunning compilation of previous and unreleased works. Luminous and ethereal prime Popol Vuh:  serene, mystic, and contemplative. Imagine Hosianna Mantra transposed as meditative gothic. While context renders some genuinely creepy moments, this music works on a whole other level - rather like the movie itself.

Florian Fricke at the peak of his powers, and so, highly recommended.

Oddi wrth y brawd
It will cost you sweat and tears and perhaps a little blood


David Elliott said...

Herzog's finest moments were set to Popol Vuh, and Popol Vuh's finest moments were for the images dreamt up by Herzog. Amen.

Y Brawd said...

There beginneth the lesson.