December 30, 2010

Wildwood Flower - June Carter Cash [2003]

Autobiography, mission statement, last will and testament, restless farewell.

A family affair, unpolished and grittily recorded at the Carter Family Estate (including June and Johnny's bedroom!). J.C. is around but keeps a low profile, allowing June to reinhabit the songs she grew up with - mostly A.P. Carter classics: Keep on the Sunny Side; Storms Are On The Ocean; Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone. Ghosts of the original Carter Family hover about uneasily in the mix offering ancient shards of harmony and broken notes. June no longer has much of a voice in any conventional sense but the expression is intimate and heart-felt. By turns uplifting and poignant as undistilled country music tradition pours down around the listener, cracked, flawed and more beautiful than ever.

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