May 19, 2011

Aural Structures for Rituals - Deva Loka [2001]

Vital sounds for droned out ears. Savvy title. Whether construed as high art , low, or somewhere in between, what is authentic music if not a framework for sacrament? Monumentally blissful thaumaturgy emitting positive metaphysical energy with occasional solemn post-industrial patina. Three 10 minute+ early noughties slabs of esoteric pulse, vibration and thrum before field got overcrowded with lysergic ninnies looking for a cheap pituitary fix:
Body Trance: tell-tale heart beats, oscillator / modulator whirrs..on forever; opium with lithium chaser.
Towards the Inner Sun: martial assault on the inner citadel; strength through stealth, persistence and bombination.
Ascending to the Bottom: phased ascension, though remember, the opposite is also true.

Wiki informs that in Hindu tradition deva loka is the plane where gods exist and is reachable once sufficiently attuned to light and good. In Buddhism, a deva loka is dwelling place of devas: those beings more betterer than humans.

In goodness and light may ye dwell.

(Further Deva Loka musical provenance, particulars and MO appreciated; merest whispers only on web.)

Oddi wrth y brawd
inmost light


Anonymous said...

A little more info here :

Spirito Bono.

Y Brawd said...

cheers SB. chants of naas coming y brawd's way.