May 25, 2011

Cool Water - Sons of the Pioneers [1959]

The music of the West was born for a purpose, and I'm sure that the Sons of the Pioneers were born to sing it. This collection of favorite Western songs, headed by their greatest hit Cool Water, will go down in the heart of America as a living tribute to the land of the West that is loved the world over for its music and heritage. It will also go down in the heart of this old cowboy as "The Greatest Western Album Ever Recorded" and nothing could give me more pleasure than to mark it with my OK brand.
              Yellowstone Chips
                             (Montana's Singin' Cowboy)

The Dude, in his own personal way, he is a pioneer too.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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Jerry Orbach said...

This reminds me very much of a girl I once knew but haven't thought of for a while. Thanks for bringing back those memories (not being sarcastic here but the tone can be hard to detect I suppose).