May 14, 2011

El Topo [OST] - Alejandro Jodorowsky

Not Shades of Joy: Music of El Topo but original Apple released soundtrack at fan boy / man child John Lennon's urging. Composed by director Jodorowsky and amply reflects the fractured mystical contrariness of the film.

"El Topo decides to confront warrior Masters on a trans-formative desert journey he begins with his 6 year old son, who must bury his childhood totems to become a man. El Topo (the mole) claims to be God, while dressed as a gunfighter in black, riding a horse through a spiritual, mystical landscape strewn with old Western movie, and ancient Eastern religious symbols. Bandits slaughtered a village on his path, so El Topo avenges the massacred, then forcibly takes their leader's woman Mara as his. El Topo's surreal way is bloody, sexual and self-reflective, musing of his own demons, as he tries to vanquish those he encounters."
- imdb

oddi wrth y brawd


Jerry Orbach said...

I was just thinking about posting the Holy Mountain OST. Maybe I should sometime soon. Love this one too.

Y Brawd said...

Aw, go on.