May 02, 2011

Last Day On Earth - John Cale / Bob Neuwirth [1994]

Last Day On Earth is a blueprint for theatre.

A "tourist" is guided by Opportunity to a Great Cafe. Inside he is introduced to the habitues whose tales, thoughts and experience become an Interior/exterior travelogue as told in song and interlude.

Eventually the "tourist" discovers that while topographic mappings are subject to sudden rearrangement, interior shifts remain predictable and timeless.
 - liner notes

Pretentious? You betcha. Betwixt impressionistic texture and gauche conceit you'll find some riveting traditonal song structures. Bob Neuwirth - Bobby D. entourage jefe in chief / factotum 65-65 - counterbalances Cale's electronic keyboards with "earthy" banjo and harmonica and old fart country vocals.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Ethan said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. I'd been looking for this album, increasingly desperately, for about a month and finally gave up about four days ago. Then on a whim I tried searching again and....bam! Thanks thanks thanks.

saya said...

I like this one too!very nice.