May 23, 2011

John Hardy Variations - Various

West Virginia railroad worker John Hardy, ‘a desperate little man’. Kills craps game  opponent, convicted of murder in the first degree, hanged 19 January 1894 (photo).

First known recording by Eva Davis in 1924. Banjo prestidigitators Buell Kazee and Dock Boggs released distinctive versions shortly after. List goes on.

In liner notes for his legendary Anthology, Harry Smith reproduces order of execution:

State of West Virginia vs. John Hardy. Felony. This day came again the State by her attorney and the prisoner who stands convicted of murder in the first degree.... The prisoner saying nothing why such sentence should be passed.... It is therefore considered by the court that the prisoner, John Hardy, is guilty... and that the said John Hardy be hanged by the neck until dead... on Friday the 19th day of January 1894.

01 Ernest V. Stoneman
02 Doc Boggs
03 Drunk
04 Glen Smith
05 Bonnie Russell and the Russell Family
06 Buell Kazee
07 Alvin Youngblood
08 Dick Rosmini
09 Chris Smither
10 Frank Proffitt
11 Ramblin' Jack Elliott
12 Korner, Ray & Glover
13 Country Gentlemen
14 Woody Guthrie
15 Almeda Riddle
16 Jake Krack, Bob Buckingham, Todd Clewell, Amy Buckingham

Oddi wrth y brawd
a gun in every hand


Jerry Orbach said...

No more West Virginia for me thanks.

Y Brawd said...

Ha. Fair enough.