May 27, 2012

17. Gôg - Meic Stevens [1977]

Y caneuon hyn oedd fy ail record hir, a gai ei recordio maes o law yn stiwdios Sain yn Llanrug. Roedd y record yma'n gam mawr ymlaen i mi fel cyfansoddwr caneuon; cafodd groeso brwd, gwerthodd yn dda a ges i lawer o waith ar ei chorn.

Recordiwyd Gog o fewn pum niwrnod.
 - Y Crwydryn a Mi

Practical, self-effacing Meic Mortimer Stevens, wizard and true Welsh star. Melodic nous and unquestionable chops grounded in earthy authenticity. He doesn't put a foot wrong on this astonishingly good amble among Breton idylls, wandering blind boys, and country loving. Contender for best folk-rock album of 70s, in any language. 


Oddi wrth y brawd

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Y Brawd said...


Glaw yn y dail - Rare Meic EPs
Bois Y Tebot Pwis
Welsh Rarebeat 2:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these- beautiful!

Anonymous said...

still entranced by what feels like an, at this moment anyway, exceptional summer weather enhanced farewell. I've seen a lot of blogs 'go' but this one will be seriously missed. I have no idea really of the skill set that is needed to have operated this, I'm showing my age...nearly sixty... but diolch yn fawr for your efforts and I anticipate the remainder.

Anonymous said...

This is one I wasn't aware of, looking forward to hearing it. Your very interesting blog will be greatly missed. Thanks for everything!

Siphonophoros said...

This is incredible! Thanks. A real stand-out.

Sage said...

Popped back for this one - no chance of coming out of retirement I suppose and posting a few more gems like this?

Hope all is good with you.