May 14, 2012

30. The Wyrd Meme - Alasdair Roberts [2009]

Earning legitimate claim to Robin Williamson's mythopoeic surmise and Martin Carthy's sturdy yeomanry, Alasdair Roberts makes music expansive, earthy and timeless. A compelling weave of traditional and innovative; antique and modern; wyrd and meme. 

The skirl and roil of minimal ensemble playing herein showcases Roberts' reedy brogue and syncopated guitar. 

Oddi wrth y brawd

[bonus in Comments]


Y Brawd said...


Double bonus:
Robin Williamson: Myrrh
Carthy & Swarbrick: Selections

vishangro said...

Diolch Brawd,
Looking forward to this as Alistair is realy good.
Thanks for putting this on your farwell list.