May 22, 2012

22. Dragnet - The Fall [1979]

M.R. James be born be born
Yog Sothoth rape me lord
 - Mark E. Smith, Spectre Vs. Rector

Door-stepped by normal horror, Machen too not rudely treated by presumption.
Mundane terror.
Not Egypt but stinking boats of the Thames.
Not the spineless usual sub-intellectual; not "tough" recycled cabaret glam three-chord big boots.
White crap let loose in studio. Supernatural theme.
"I used to be psychic but I drank my way out of it".
Used to be folk devil lyric poet. Cue shouty sloganeering whisky descend.
Shadow walks behind paranoia man trapped in Flat of Angles after killing wife.
Bent sinister from start.

part the first.        Spectre vs rector
part the second.  Inspector visits rector
part the third.       Spectre possesses rector
part the fourth.     Inspector versus rector possessed by spectre
part the fifth.        Hero appears; his soul possessed a thousand times
part the sixth.      Spectre enters hero; possession is ineffectual

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