May 15, 2012

29. Live at The Old Ash Tree, Kent 1972 - COB

Time entwines my very soul,
The tangled briar kills the tree
 - Music of the Ages, COB

Unutterably magical performance. Anachronistic, rough around the edges mantric lo-fi hypnotism; harmonium drone and homemade "dulcitar". Wyrd ur-text and more compelling than contemporaneous Incredible String Band output.

Music for the ages. Absolutely essential listening.

Oddi wrth y brawd [and Pagan Dad]

[bonus in Comments]


Y Brawd said...


Bonus: The Triple Tree, ghostly invocations

Anonymous said...

A nice way to die.

My personal number one was posted on another blog, and you may like it :

Anonymous said...

thankyou for this, and for so many things on your blog